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How It Works

How to find mixed content on your site with our tools

We provide 2 tools to help you migrate and to maintain a strong HTTPS site.

You can use HTTPS Checker to proactively scan sites making it ideal for pre-migration checks, as well as scanning existing HTTPS sites for issues. Then use HTTPS Reporter on a live HTTPS site to capture issues in real-time, ideal for continuous monitoring.

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HTTPS Checker

HTTPS Checker Desktop App

Proactively scan your website pages for mixed content issues using the desktop app.

Great For:

  • Checking for Chrome's "Not Secure" warnings
  • Preparing for your HTTPS migration
  • Checking your current HTTPS site
  • Checking content after big changes
  • Checking products after major imports
  • Checking the admin-side of your site
  • Scanning large volumes of domains


  1. Download the free app (up to 500 pages)
  2. Double click / Install the downloaded file
  3. Run it over the site
  4. Fix issues then re-run scan
  5. Upgrade for more pages, PDF & CSV reports,
    crawl controls and many more advanced features
HTTPS Reporter

HTTPS Reporter Online Tool

Add Content Security Policy headers to your site and receive real-time alerts of issues.

Great For:

  • Monitoring sites already using HTTPS
  • Capturing issues in real-time
  • Capturing other CSP violations like XSS
  • Certificate expiration alerts
  • Long term monitoring for HTTPS issues


  1. Subscribe to one of the paid plans.
  2. Generate the Content Security Policy header (examples are given in the dashboard).
  3. Add the CSP header to your website.
  4. HTTPS Reporter will check the site to see if it has appeared.
  5. When it has, CSP violations will appear in HTTPS Reporter & you'll recieve daily emails of these.
  6. Manage up to 1,000 violations in the dashboard, marking fixed issues as resolved.
  7. Repeat these steps for each website to be tracked.

Over 100,000 scans run by 20,000+ users to help migrate their sites to HTTPS worldwide, including: