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Pricing & Features

We have a range of plans to suit your business.
Both HTTPS Checker (Desktop) & HTTPS Reporter (Online) are included with each paid plan.

annual only
or $14/mo when paid annually
or $49/mo when paid annually
or $199/mo when paid annually
HTTPS Checker (Desktop)
Max pages crawled per scan 500 1,000 10,000 50,000 250,000
Number of scans / domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
On screen report
PDF / CSV / Print & Download
Broken link checker
User-agent switcher
Improved crawl options
Logged-in session crawling
Import CSV list of URLs
HTTPS Reporter (Online)
Number of tracked domains 1 5 50
Report issue history per domain 100 1,000 1,000
Certificate Expiration Alerts
Certificate Validation
Team Access
Support Level Basic Basic Basic Basic Priority
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Large Enterprise? Need More Help?

We provide a special service geared to helping large organisations with their HTTPS migrations.
Download our Enterprise Guide for more information.

Contact us by phone or email to further discuss your Enterprise requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does This Work On Websites Anywhere In The World?

Yes, this is available to use on websites across the world. The current version is only available in English presently.

Can I Get A Free Version?

HTTPS Checker has a free version which allows you to crawl up to 500 pages for free. HTTPS Reporter is only available in the paid plans.

How Many Websites Can I Check?

You can run HTTPS Checker on as many websites as you wish. HTTPS Reporter is rate-limited as per the pricing table. You must have the permission of the website owner to run a scan on their site. Whilst the HTTPS Checker app only uses a lightweight crawler to access content, and therefor is unlikely to cause any problems with it's usage, we do not accept responsibility for any issues that might arise by scanning websites. Read out licence and terms for full details.

Can I Get A Refund If HTTPS Checker Doesn't Work On My Machine?

We encourage you to install the free version first to make sure it will work as we are unable to provide refunds on the paid plans.

Can I Switch Plans?

Yes you can switch plans but please remember to cancel your old plan. Unfortunately we cannot make refunds for partial usage when you switch plan, so it is best to do this when one plan expires. Every time you switch between paid plans you will be issued with a new licence key which you will need to enter into the app to activate that plan.

How Do I Cancel My Paid Subscription?

It's easy, just click the link in your sign up email from Gumroad to Cancel Your Subscription which will stop after the current paid up period expires. Find out more here. If you cannot find this email contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Who Is Gumroad?

Gumroad is the payment processor we use to take payments securely. They are PCI complient and you can find out more here.

How Can I Change My Payment Information?

Simply login to Gumroad here and update your information through the Settings menu.

Need An Invoice Or VAT Refund?

In your welcome email from Gumroad, near the bottom, you should have a "Generate" button to generate an invoice. From here you can also enter your VAT registration number and automatically process a refund for the VAT you paid. More information is avilable for generating an invoice and for VAT refunds.